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How to Use Bayer Advanced Brush Killer

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Bayer Advanced Brush Killer can help permanently get rid of viney weeds, woody plants and tough brush. Bayer Advanced kills the roots in addition to the part of the weeds that you see above the ground. Blackberries, poison oak and poison ivy are some plants Bayer Advanced Brush Killer will help eliminate. Bayer Advanced Brush Killer comes in a ready-to-use formula and a concentrate. You must mix the concentrate before you use it.

Wait to apply the Bayer Advanced Brush Killer until all of the leaves on the plant you want to kill have emerged. This usually occurs at the end of the spring, or the beginning of the summer.

Dress in long clothing and wear a pair of gloves. This will protect your skin if any of the Bayer Advanced splashes while you are using it. Wear plastic gloves if you are treating poison ivy to protect yourself from the oil that is on the poison ivy.

Mix 1/2 cup (4 oz.) of Bayer Advanced Brush Killer with 1 gallon of water in a garden sprayer to cover a space of 500 square feet. If you need to cover 1,000 square feet, double the ingredients. Skip this step if you have a ready-to-use formula. Always double-check the rates on the product label, in case the formulation has changed.

Shake the garden sprayer to combine the two ingredients. Pump the garden sprayer or the ready-to-use container and begin spraying the brush you want to kill. Get the brush thoroughly wet, but not so wet that it is dripping.

Remove your long clothing as soon as you have finished using the Bayer Advanced Brush Killer and wash them to remove any chemicals that may have gotten on the clothes.

Keep all pets and humans away from the area where you use the Bayer Advanced Brush Killer until the chemicals have dried completely.


Always wash your hands with soap and water before grabbing a drink of water, or eating a sandwich after using this product. Apply when no rain or wind is expected for at least four hours.


Call the Bayer hot line at 1-877-229-3763 if you encounter an emergency while using this product.

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