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How to Make Concrete Desk Organizers

By The HomeMade Modern Team ; Updated March 04, 2016

Clear your desk of clutter with these impossible to knock over desk organizers! Using LEGOs, you can create custom organizers for all your desktop needs, including a pencil holder, letter holder and a box for miscellaneous items. So, go ahead, grab a tub of LEGOs and have some fun.

Assemble the LEGOs in the design that best suits your needs. There is no wrong way to do this, but don't forget that you are making the mold upside down.

Below, you'll see how I created the letter holder from the desk organizer set.

The base layer for the letter holder Adding layers to the mold Adding layers to the mold Adding layers to the mold

Once you have reached your desired height, begin adding a layer of flat topped pieces to the inner portion of the mold.

Flat topped pieces are to be used wherever the concrete rests

Add another couple layers to the outside walls. This will give your piece a solid base on which to stand.

Finish the mold with a layer of flat topped pieces on top.

finished mold

Here's a quick look at rest of the pieces in the series (the pencil holder and box for miscellaneous items):

Building the mold for the box The outer walls of the box mold Building the inner walls of the box mold Attaching the inner walls to the outer walls Building the lid mold for the box Adding the first layer of electrical tape Adding the last layer of electrical tape

Set aside the molds for the moment and ready the Quikrete, a pitcher of water, a mixing bowl, and mixing spoon.

Start with a couple hearty scoops of concrete and then add a bit more water than is necessary. Mix thoroughly. Add in a little concrete at a time until the mixture is roughly the consistency of oatmeal, or for those of you who know the reference, a good batch of cornstarch and water.

Mixing the concrete

Put the concrete in the mold a few spoonfuls at a time. After each layer, use the spoon to push the wet concrete into all the corners of the mold and tamp it to release air bubbles.

Tamping the concrete with the spoon

If the spoon you are using is too big to fit in the mold, you could also use a small stick or dowel.

Tamping the concrete with a dowel

Once the mold is full, tap on all the sides and gently agitate it to release as many air bubbles as possible.

Run the small piece of wood across the top of the mold to remove the excess concrete and to smooth what will be the base of your piece.

Removing the excess concrete

After allowing the concrete to dry for at least 20 hours, remove the LEGOs. It may be easier to upend the entire mold and remove the bricks from the bottom with the aid of a pair of needle-nosed pliers

Removing the bricks Removing the bricks The de-molded letter holder The de-molded box

And that's it! Your concrete desk organizers are ready for duty.

Letter holder Pencil holder Miscellaneous tray

Optional Finishing Touches

  • You can use sticky felt pads or cork tape on the underside if you are worried about scratching the surface of your desk.
  • You can paint them if industrial grey isn't your color.

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