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Can I Root Plumbago From Cuttings?

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You can root plumbago from cuttings. Cut a 6-inch piece off of a plumbago plant. Fill a cup or small flower pot with moist potting soil, and press the cut end approximately 2- to 3-inches deep into the soil. Keep the soil moist to enable the cutting develops a root system.

Root Plumbago From Cuttings?

Plumbago can be rooted from stem or root cuttings. Unless you will be rooting them indoors, make the cuttings in fall or spring so the rootings benefit from mild temperatures while they become established. Strip the leaves from the bottom half of the plumbago cutting. Dip the stripped half in water, then in rooting hormone, if available. Bury 2- to 6-inch-long cuttings horizontally under 1/2 inch of rooting medium. Keep the soil evenly moist.

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