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Yellow Rose Bush Varieties

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Yellow rose bushes are available in all shapes and sizes, ranging from miniatures to hybrid tea varieties. Yellow roses, which traditionally signify friendship or joy, may be canary, lemon or bright yellow in color. Yellow roses were discovered growing wildly in the Middle East in the 18th century and their popularity has increased steadily. Roses are suitable for most climates. Plant them in full sun to light shade and water them regularly.

Hybrid Tea

The most popular class of roses, there are many yellow cultivars of hybrid teas, including "Graceland," "King's Ransom," "Midas Touch," "Summer Sunshine" and "Sunbright." Hybrid tea roses can grow to heights of 6 feet. They have dark green foliage and the flowers usually grow one to a stem. The first hybrid tea rose, "La France," is pink and was introduced in 1867. Hybrid tea roses are hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) hardiness zones 4 to 9.


A cross between hybrid tea and polyantha roses, floribundas are bushy and produce blooms in clusters. Floribundas are smaller than hybrid tea roses, and may be used as low borders. "Sun Flare" and "Sunsprite" are among the most well-known yellow cultivars. These roses are hardy in zones 6 to 10.


These vigorous, tall rose bushes will grow to 10 feet and produce a single flower per stem. Some grandifloras are the result of a cross between hybrid teas and floridbundas, while others are simply extra vigorous plants with hybrid teas in their lineage. "Gold Medal," which is highly rated by the American Rose Society, is a well-known yellow cultivar. These roses are hardy in zones 6 to 10.

Miniature Roses

These tiny replicas of tea and floribunda roses grow to about 1 1/2 feet and may be used as bedding plants, in pots or in window boxes. In temperate climates or indoors, miniature roses bloom all year. Miniature roses are hardy in zones 4b to 10. "Morain," "My Sunshine" and "Rise 'n Shine" are yellow cultivars.

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