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How Durable Is an Earthquake Tiller?

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Earthquake outdoor power equipment, manufactured by Ardisam Inc., produces front-tine, rear-tine and mini-cultivating rototillers, among many other motor-driven garden implements. Several websites and publications have given many Earthquake tiller models positive reviews. Front-tine tillers are more difficult to use, as they require more upper body strength to propel, but they are less expensive than rear-tine tillers. Conversely, rear-tine tillers are easier to operate but cost more than front-tine tillers.

Front-Tine Earthquake Tillers

According to 2011 reviews on the Home and Garden Ideas website, the best front-tine Earthquake tiller model is the Earthquake 3365B. A front-tine tiller has its tilling mechanism located on the front of the machine, with the engine portion closer to the operator's legs. This model stands 21 inches tall (not counting handle height) and has 12-inch wheels. It receives high marks due to its ability to move easily in soil and to maneuver easier than other tillers in garden corners and other difficult spaces.

Rear-Tine Earthquake Tillers

Tiller World is an website devoted to rototillers. It reviews models from various manufacturers and provides tips on maintenance and use of tillers. The editors of Tiller World claim the Earthquake model 5020 is a reliable rear-tine rototiller. A rear-tine tiller, in contrast to a front-tine tiller, has its tilling mechanism behind the engine compartment, closer to the operator's legs. A metal shield covers the spinning tines to protect the user's legs and feet.

Overall Ratings

Earthquake tillers are considered very durable, according to the Garden of Oz website, due to their construction. They are manufactured out of cast iron and can last for many years. The Garden of Oz website, which reviews tillers of all types and dispenses garden tips, says Earthquake tillers are long-lasting but are not manufactured with the ability to change attachments or perform tasks besides cultivating. The same website regards the manufacturer's website as "good" to "excellent" based on a range of criteria such as FAQs and ease of navigability.

Features of Earthquake Tillers

Earthquake tillers are highly maneuverable due to their tall wheels and cast iron wheel mount assemblies. Their cast iron construction makes them heavier than most comparable tillers; they have lower centers of gravity, which makes them less prone to tipping over and provides good soil-to-tine contact. All earthquake tillers come with 12-month parts and labor warranties from the manufacturer.

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