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What Is the Difference Between Craftsman & Craftsman Professional Tools? Images

If you're looking for the right tools to perform a job around the house, you may find several different brands of tools, including Craftsman. Craftsman has different lines of tools geared for specific uses, most notably its Craftsman and Craftsman professional lines. Depending on your needs, you'll need to understand the difference between the tool lines to determine which is right for you.

Regular Tools

Craftsman’s regular tool line includes power tools, hand tools and lawn and garden equipment. One benefit of the regular tool line is that it is the largest line made by the Craftsman company, so if you're looking for very specific tools or tools that aren’t commonly used, you're more likely to find those tools in the regular product line.

Professional Line

Craftsman’s professional line is geared towards working professionals who use tools for a living, such as contractors or plumbers. This tool line is smaller than the regular tool line with only 500 tools but also includes lawn and garden equipment.


Craftsman professional tools are distinguishable from regular Craftsman tools by their labeling. While most Craftsman tools carry the Craftsman logo inside of a red rectangle, Craftsman professional tools possess the same red rectangular label with a second, narrow yellow rectangle underneath with the word "professional" inside of it.


Craftsman makes tools for the average homeowner, working professional tradespeople as well as industrial workers with a separate Craftsman industrial line. This line is denoted with the red rectangular Craftsman logo and a separate black rectangle underneath with the word industrial inside of it. These tools are specially designed for more heavy-duty industrial work.

Choosing A Tool

When choosing a tool from Craftsman, consider how you will be using the tool. If you are a professional contractor who will be using the tool on a daily basis and require more heavy-duty equipment and extended warranties, choose a Craftsman professional tool. While they are more expensive because they are for work purposes, they can count as a tax deduction. If you are a homeowner who needs a specific type of tool for odd jobs around the home and will not be using the tool constantly or on a daily basis, spending less money on regular Craftsman line tools would suffice.

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