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What Colors Do Mum Flowers Come In?

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Chrysanthemums, also know as mums, have a tight-mounded flowering habit with stunning bloom cover in autumn and winter. Mums have exceptional hardiness and require little maintenance. For mums to bloom to their maximum ability they should be “pinched” when the shoot is 4 inches tall. To achieve this, use your thumbnail and forefinger to remove half of the new growth. This forces the plant to make new shoots and branch out. Pinching should cease after Memorial Day, allowing for maximum bud development.


Mums such as the Football, Illusion or Nicole have crisp white blooms resting on sturdy green leaved shoots. The Tiffany White mums are wide, very early blooming flowers. The Frosty mum has a dense bloom that covers the entire outer surface of the plant, making it look similar to a giant snowball.


Donna, Yolanda and Lisa are examples of yellow mums that bloom mid season. Heidi Yellow is an early blooming variety that will last throughout the fall and most of the winter season. Planting early bloomers alongside late blooming varieties, such as the Hankie Yellow, draws attention to landscapes because of the vibrant long-lasting color.


Golden mums such as Ginger, Grace and Sandy have big blooms that complement fall and bring a fresh look to a faded summer garden. Michelle Gold is an early season mum that has clustered flowers and grows to 2 ½ feet tall and 3 feet wide. Warm Ursula is a mid season flowering mum that has a feathered bloom pattern which will last until mid spring.


Pink mums like the Debonair, Naomi and Stardom have big blooming clusters of flowers. The Victoria Pink mum has flowers that blanket over dark green foliage from mid season through spring. These pink mums stay throughout fall and most of the winter, painting the landscape with a bright, cheerful appearance when few other plants are showing any colors of blooms.


Bravo, Minngopher and Remarkable are glorious red flowering mums. These flowers do well when large area planting is required. These mums thrive in fall and Christmas landscapes.

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