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Troubleshooting a Craftsman Lawn Mower 6.5

By Billy Kirk
The Craftsman 6.5 HP mower may require a new spark plug.
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The Craftsman 6.5 horsepower bagging lawn mower is non-riding, consumer class lawn mower designed for personal use. The mower features a straightforward, common engine assembly design that often suffers from a similarly common set of lawn mower malfunctions. You can, fortunately, troubleshoot and fix all these Craftsman 6.5 lawn mower issues irrespective of your expertise with lawn mower and general mechanical repairs. Special tools are not required to fix your Craftsman mower.

Observe the fuel level in your Craftsman 6.5 lawn mower and ensure it is not out of gas. Refuel your tank if necessary.

Open the Craftsman 6.5 lawn mower's engine cover and take a look inside for the spark plug. The spark plug is connected to the black plug wire. If your Craftsman 6.5 lawn mower is cranking but not starting, disconnect the plug wire from the spark plug and remove the plug.

Replace the old spark plug with a new one by attaching the plug wire to the new plug. Close the engine cover and attempt to start your Craftsman mower.

Open the engine cover and follow the plug wire to the rear of the engine compartment. It will lead to the circular magnetic coil piece. Directly behind the magnetic coil lies the flywheel, and the slight separation between the two devices is the air gap. This air gap may be the cause of your Craftsman 6.5 lawn mower's woes. Measure the gap and ensure it is between 0.010 and 0.015 inch in width.

Utilize a wrench to loosen the magnetic coil. Adjust the air gap's width by slightly adjusting the positioning of the coil in relation to the flywheel.

Measure the air gap again. Close the engine cover if the gap is between 0.010 and 0.015 inch and attempt to start the engine. The Craftsman 6.5 lawn mower should crank and start.


Things You Will Need

  • Gas
  • Replacement spark plug
  • Wrench

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