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How to Change the Oil Filter on the Hustler Zero-Turn Mower

By John Rose

Like the engine on your car, the engine on the Hustler zero-turn mower needs an oil change. Most people use a zero-turn mower for part of the year. This means that you should change the oil at the beginning of each new season, before you use it the first time. Changing the oil and filter is not difficult and the average do-it-yourselfer can complete the project in less than an hour. It is important that you do not skip this oil change since failure to do so can affect the life of the mower engine.

Start the engine and allow it to run for about three minutes. This will warm the oil enough to make the change easy, but it will not make it too hot to work with. Loosen the bolt in the drain tube using a wrench. Hold the tube with a second wrench to keep it from moving when you loosen the bolt.

Place a drain pan under the drain tube and remove the bolt by hand. Allow the oil to drain into the pan. Raise the seat by lifting it up at the back and pushing it forward. Locate the oil filter at the front of the mower engine on the left side. Remove the filter using the oil filter wrench. Clean up any spilled oil with rags.

Spread fresh oil around the rubber gasket on the new oil filter. This will lubricate the gasket and help it to form a tight seal. Place the new filter on the engine and tighten it hand-tight. After you get the filter tight, turn it one-quarter of a turn further to make it snug. Do not over-tighten the filter or you will damage the threads on the oil filter post.

Install the oil tube plug when the oil is through draining from the engine. Tighten the plug using a wrench but be careful that you do not over-tighten it. Remove the dipstick tube from the mower and refill the crankcase with fresh oil. Most engines will take 1.5 quarts of fresh oil, but this may vary depending on the actual engine in your mower.

Start the engine on the Hustler zero-turn mower to allow the oil to circulate through the engine. Shut the motor off and check the oil level to be sure there is enough oil in the engine.


Things You Will Need

  • Wrench set
  • Drain pan
  • Oil filter wrench
  • Rags
  • Fresh engine oil


  • Take the old oil to an approved recycling center for disposal.


  • Do not attempt to change the oil filter when the engine is hot.

About the Author


John Rose has been writing professionally since 1981. Now contributing to various online publications, he specializes in auto repair, home maintenance and similar topics. Rose studied English at Frostburg State University.