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Troy-Bilt Horse Tillers: How to Adjust the Belts

The Troy-Bilt “Horse,” also known as model 682, is the flagship tiller for Troy-Bilt, as well as the largest of its tiller models. When you first start using your Troy-Bilt tiller, you must adjust the drive belt after the first two hours. After the initial adjustment, you must adjust the drive belt every 10 hours. This will ensure the belt stays properly tensioned. If the belt has too much slack in it, it could break when the tiller’s tines hit a hidden object, such as a large rock or tree stump.

Locate the upright clutch roller on the left-hand side of the tiller just above the platform where the motor mounts. The bracket that holds the roller has three evenly spaced pins going through it with the roller mounted to the end closest to the front of the tiller. In addition, locate the adjustment lever right next to the roller. The roller spins against the adjustment lever when you pull the clutch lever.

Place the 1/4-inch end of the clutch adjustment tool between the roller and the adjustment lever. If only the slotted portion of the tool will fit between the two, no adjustment is necessary. If the slotted portion of the tool will not fit, the belt is too loose and requires adjustment. If more than the slotted end of the tool fits, the belt is too tight and requires adjustment.

Position the Wheels/Tines/PTO lever to the neutral position. Slide the adjustment tool into the round hole on the adjustment lever with the slotted end facing down. Make sure equal ends of the adjustment tool protrude from both sides of the adjustment lever.

Shift the Wheels/Tines/PTO lever to the forward position.

Hold the Wheels/Tines/PTO lever in the forward position as you loosen the bolt on the back of the upright lever with a 5/8-inch bolt. Do not remove the bolt; just loosen it.

Push the lever down if the belt is loose or pull the lever up if the belt is too tight. The amount you move the lever equals the change in distance between the lever and the roller.

Remove the adjustment tool from the adjustment lever then check the distance between the adjustment lever and roller as you did in Step 2. If necessary, reinstall the adjustment tool and make any additional adjustments. Otherwise, hold the Wheels/Tines/PTO lever in the forward position and tighten the 5/8-inch bolt.

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