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How to Unhitch a Bush Hog

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Unhitching a bush hog or shredder from a tractor is a relatively simple task after you do it once or twice. There is an extra step that makes the job easier and faster. Position the shredder where the attaching arms are in a straight line with the tractor in the horizontal plane as well as in the vertical plane. This should be done prior to taking anything loose from the tractor. Positioning the shredder in this manner will also make it easier to reattach the implement when you need to use it again.

Back the shredder into the storage space and level the platform by lowering it onto blocks. If the shredder is equipped with jacks, use them for leveling instead of blocks.

Engage the tractor's parking brake, place the transmission in "Park," shut off the engine and remove the key.

Disengage the shredder's power take-off (PTO) driveshaft from the tractor by pressing on the release pins and pulling shaft toward the shredder and downward. If the shredder has a hydraulic hose, detach it from the tractor by pulling the forward half of the quick disconnect coupling toward the shredder.

Pull the pins from the tractor's power lift arms if that is where the shredder is attached. If the shredder is attached to the tractor's drawbar instead of the power lift arms, pull the pin from the drawbar.

Start the tractor and drive it forward away from the mower. Tie all connecting arms and hoses to the shredder away from ground contact.


"Brush hog" is one of the trade names for shredders.


Do not stand between the shredder and tractor when the tractor's engine is running and the transmission is not in "Park."

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