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How to Install USG Fiberock

By Don Kress
Fiberock panels are installed as a smooth underlay for tiling.
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USG Fiberock is a fiber-reinforced gypsum backer board with a flat, level surface and used for the installation of tiling. It is extremely strong and resilient, good for moist conditions where typical drywall would be a poor choice. In addition, USG Fiberock is lighter and easier to cut than traditional fiber-reinforced concrete boards.

Measure the area where the USG Fiberock board is to be installed. If a cut is necessary for the board to fit, mark the measurement on to the Fiberock board with a pencil.

Cut the board, if necessary, to the size needed for your installation using a jig saw fitted with a rough cut blade. It is best to use the largest possible piece of fiberboard to eliminate edges and other imperfections in the installation.

Position the Fiberock into place where it is to be installed, checking that it fits snugly against any neighboring pieces, but does not overlap them. When positioning the Fiberock, make a note on the board where the wall studs are located. If you are installing the Fiberock as a flooring substrate, it can be screwed directly into the wood underlayment.

Secure the Fiberock to the wall or floor using wood screws and an electric drill. Keep the screws aligned with the wall studs to hold the Fiberock in place firmly. Drive the screws only as deep as necessary to make the screw head flush with the surface of the fiberock.


Things You Will Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Jig Saw
  • Electric Drill

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