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How to Make Origami Christmas Tree Stars

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Having the right Christmas tree star can help make your Christmas tree special. If you cannot find the Christmas tree star you want, you can always make an origami Christmas tree star. Making your own Christmas tree star lets you decide how many points it should have and what color it should be.

Take one square piece of paper and hold it diagonally like a diamond.

Fold the paper in half vertically. Form a crease through the middle when you fold it. Unfold the paper.

Take the bottom left and right sides and fold them towards the crease in the center to make a kite shape with a clearly visible triangle on top.

Take the triangle-shaped part on top and fold it towards the back. The paper will now have the shape of an inverted triangle.

Flip the paper over. Now at the bottom of the triangle a smaller upwards-pointing triangle will be obvious.

Take the bottom left and right corners and fold them toward the tip of the smaller triangle.

Paste or tape the left corner so that it sticks firmly to the shape. Unfold the right corner. You have made one point of the star.

Repeat Steps 1 through 7 with another piece of paper to make the second point.

Use glue or tape to stick the loose, right corner of the first point to the left corner of the second point. Two points of the star will now be obvious.

Make other points and stick or tape them together to make the rest of the Christmas tree star.


You can use wrapping paper or foil or any other colored paper to make this Christmas tree star. If you use paper with one colored side and one plain side, start Step 1 with the plain white side facing you. You can make a star with five points or more the same way. Add glitter or any other decoration to the star as you please.


Go through the steps slowly to avoid paper cuts.

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