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How to Read a Neptune Cubic Foot Meter

How do you know if you're being billed correctly for your water usage? If you can read your own Neptune cubic foot water meter, you can verify the account's billing against the actual readings. You can also read before and after you fill a swimming pool to find the pool's capacity. From there, you can figure out how much it costs to fill the pool each summer. The meter is light-sensitive to save power, so you need is a good flashlight. In addition, there's an indicator for suspected leaks, which helps to save you money and preserve resources.

Shine the flashlight at the meter. Aim for the grid-like solar cell.

Look at the numbers on the LCD display. Start from the left. Ignore zeroes. Write the number in full. These are billing units.

Subtract a prior reading from a later reading to figure water usage. Multiply the number of units by 100 to arrive at a cubic foot total. For instance, if your prior reading is 2,376, and your later reading is 2,909, the difference is 533. Multiply that by 100, and you get 53,300 cubic feet.

Ignore the number that flashes on the screen every six seconds. That is the flow rate figure. It shows current usage. Do not use it for the actual cubic foot usage reading.

Check if the water faucet icon (top left on the number area) is on or if it's flashing. Flashing indicates a potential intermittent leak. If it stays on, you may have a consistent leak.

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