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AeroGarden Troubleshooting

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AeroGardens are very handy, self-contained garden environments that let anyone grow herbs, flowers or vegetables right in their own home year-round. They are relatively easy to start and use. The few troubles that pop up with the AeroGarden units are often easy to solve.


Check the lines that lead to each pod delivering water supplies to the plants if the AeroGarden unit is noisy. The lines get clogged and rattle. Remove the airstone from the end of the tubing.

Run the unit to see if water flows through the tube freely.

Clean the airstone and replace it.

Order a new airstone if you don't have one on hand, and run the unit without the airstone temporarily.

Send the entire unit in to service the air pump if the noise continues after replacing the airstone with a new or clean one,

Pump Filter Missing

Keep the roots trimmed and neat with scissors so the filter doesn't get tangled up inside them.

Pay close attention to the root system on old plants when you remove them and reseed the AeroGarden pods. When plants are changed out for fresh seeds the filter could get thrown away with the old plant.

Use a strainer to strain the water when you pour out old water from the AeroGarden bowl to stop the filter from slipping out.

"Add Nutrient" Light Not Working

Perform a light sequence test.

Press the "Select" button and hold it for up to six seconds. All of the AeroGarden unit lights should sequence on, the grow lights will turn on, and the pump should turn on.

Press the reset button if the "Add Nutrient" light came on during the above test.

Send the unit in for repair if the "Add Nutrient" light does not come on during the light sequence test.


Keep your unit clean and sanitized to avoid mildew, mold and plant disease.

Sanitize after each seed kit.

Clean the unit thoroughly before storing it for any length of time, and clean it again prior to using it after storage.

Flush all nutrients from the water containment bowl and the unit tubing to avoid crystal buildup that will clog the system.

Rinse the filter and filter stand. Cut away roots regularly during use to keep it from getting plugged up.

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