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Ideas for Tree Branch Crafts

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Bring some of the outdoors indoors by adding some of nature's elements to your decor and using tree branches in your next craft project. Decorate any room in your home with tree branches big or small, and create a craft project that will become a focal point in any room of your house.


Create a centerpiece for special events, such as a wedding, by painting tree branches in different colors and placing them in a vase. Branches can also be rolled in glitter for a dramatized effect or hang strings of crystals and pearls from the limbs of each branch. Bring this centerpiece into your home for a dining table by not painting the branches and placing colored candles or lights through the branches and limbs.

Wall Art

Tree branches can be used to create wall art in any room of your home with the use of other materials or tools. Gather tree branches over doorways in various colors to add to the decor of a family- or dining room. Hang an unframed mirror on a wall and create a frame for it using tree branches or frame art work involving nature. Remove the limbs from a longer tree branch and fasten it to a wall to use as a curtain rod, towel- or coat rack.

Catch All

Cut a longer tree branch into a short stubby piece with several sturdy limbs coming from the base. Anchor the base of the branch to a flat piece of heavy wood. Paint the branch or leave it natural and place on a vanity, bathroom counter or a dresser to keep jewelry on or hold hats and miscellaneous everyday items.


Place a long tree branch with limbs removed into a clay pot with floral foam or cement. Place a bird house on sturdier limbs and create a topiary out of the other by adding a Styrofoam cone or ball to the top and decorating.

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