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How to Spray Flocking for Trees

By Kasandra Rose
Excessive flocking will hide the trees natural green color.
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One of the best parts of an indoor tree for the holidays is the scent and sight of the outdoors in the comfort of a warm house. To more closely resemble an outdoor tree, you can add white flocking in the tree branches to imitate snow. For transplanted northerners in southern climates, flocking helps recapture the feeling of winter holidays. If you want to use lights along with flocking, low-voltage LED lights are safer than higher voltage lights.

Tape plastic sheets on the walls near where the holiday tree will be located using painters tape. Use separate sheets for each nearby wall and arrange the sheets so that you can remove them once the tree has been flocked. Cover any nearby furniture with plastic sheets as well.

Lay a clean white drop cloth near where the tree will be located. Place the tree on top of the dropcloth. Place the tree and tarp out a bit from the wall or corner until after you have finished decorating it.

Shake the can of flocking for the manufacturer's recommended amount of time. Shake the can occasionally during application.

Set up a ladder close to the tree so you can look down on the top of the tree. Move the ladder as needed to reach all sides.

Spray the flocking on the top surface of the uppermost branches of the tree first. Begin your stroke beyond the top of the tree and begin spraying when your hand reaches the treetop and stop after your hand sweeps past the outer branches. Several light spraying strokes will build the depth of the snow while giving a more natural appearance.

Work your way down and around the tree flocking each branch. Only flock the outer leaves of most branches along with a bit of flocking on some branches to create the most natural appearance. From your elevated vantage point, observe where the "snow" would fall and flock those areas heaviest.

Allow the flocking to completely dry before decorating the tree with lights.

Remove the protective plastic sheets but leave the drop cloth under the tree.

Slide the tree and the drop cloth into its final position once the tree is decorated. Use the drop cloth to slide the tree along the floor with the help of an assistant to steady the tree. The person steadying the tree should hold it by the trunk.

Bunch the drop cloth up in spots to create the illusion of snow on the ground beneath the tree.


Things You Will Need

  • Drop cloth
  • Plastic sheets
  • Painters tape
  • Ladder
  • Can of snow flocking


  • The time it takes to dry will depend on the indoor temperature and humidity, but flocking is usually dry within an hour.
  • You can make your own flocking by grating white soap and mixing it with spray starch.


  • Wear a dust mask while spraying.
  • Don't let your pets or children eat the flocking as it can make them ill.
  • Read the can of flocking to determine the manufacturer's recommendations on using lights.

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