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How to Troubleshoot the Bolens BL150 Trimmer

Bolens BL150 trimmers are made to cut light weeds and trim edging for sidewalks and around fencing and trees quickly. However, this chore doesn't always go smoothly. The gas trimmer might not start or runs slower than usual. Bring this yard maintenance tool's performance back up to snuff by taking a few troubleshooting steps to trim now and for years to come.

Press the "On/Off" switch off and back on again if the engine fails to start. Press the primer bulb all the way down. Press the bulb slowly 10 times. If the trimmer won't start or operate correctly, continue to the next step.

Check the gas mixture when the trimmer fails to idle. Drain the gas tank and replace the fuel with fresh, properly mixed fuel. Perform this task when the trimmer has been in storage for a long period. If the trimmer still fails to start or operate correctly, proceed to the next step.

Change the air filter, spark arrestor and spark plug if the trimmer stalls. Proceed to the next step if the trimmer continues to not start or operate correctly.

Turn off the engine and clean the cutting attachment if it does not advance the line. Grass might be stuck. Otherwise, push the "Bump Knob" and pull out more line to about 4 inches in total length. Additional issues might mean that the trimmer needs cleaning or it is broken.

Clean the trimmer's cutting head. This part should be completely dry before operating the machine. If the trimmer still won't start or operate correctly, contact an authorized Bolens service technician for assistance.


Always wear safety goggles, pants, a long-sleeved shirt and work gloves when operating the trimmer. Make sure that the trimmer is in the "Off" position and its cutting attachment has stopped rotating before attempting these steps.

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