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How to Harvest Muscadine Grapes

By Kenneth Coppens ; Updated September 21, 2017

Muscadine grapes grow throughout the warm regions of the southeastern United States. They are best known for their deep purple color and thick skin. Like many other grape varieties, the harvesting process can take hours, even for a small crop. When muscadine grapes are ripe, they naturally fall from the vines with minimal force. You can use this characteristic to your advantage for a more efficient harvesting method.

Lay a tarp beneath the grape vines once you notice the grapes begin to drop. This usually occurs from mid-September to the end of October.

Shake the grape vines to release the ripe grapes. The grapes that do not fall are not quite ripe.

Bring the four corners of the tarp together and hold them in place while you transport the grapes away from the vine. As long as the corners of the tarp are together, the grapes should not fall out.

Repeat the process every couple of days until the end of harvesting season, usually at the end of October.


Things You Will Need

  • Tarp

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