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How to Draw Ivy on a Wall

By Joy Campbell
Ivy vines soften the hard lines of a wall.
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Pick a location to hand draw a vine of ivy leaves, such as a wall in the home, office, or restaurant. Decide on using a ruler to create straight stems or drawing freehand. Besides plant life, trellises, arbors, and fences can be drawn depicting the ivy winding and climbing around their structures.

Refer to an ivy plant or picture that is easy to view.

Draw the stem of the vine on the wall using a pencil and a ruler for a straight line or draw it freehand.

Create crosses on both sides of the line, wherever there is an ivy leaf.

Sketch a curved line on the two bottom cross lines, extending from the point on the vine’s stem to the end of the line, so they attach and form a dimensional vine and stem.

Connect the line to the left top cross line by creating a curve that travels inward and then back out. Refer to the ivy plant reference for how far inward to make the line. Repeat on the right side.

Create another line extending from the left top cross line to vine stem. Continue the line to extend down to the right top cross line. This completes the ivy leaf. Adjust as necessary, referring to the ivy plant for reference.

Add veins to the leaf by drawing lines extending outward from the stem line, then drawing smaller lines extending from the vein lines.

Reinforce the lines by going back over with a pencil. Erase unnecessary lines.


Things You Will Need

  • Ivy plant
  • Picture of an ivy plant
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Eraser

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