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How Much Ground Does a Pallet of Sod Cover?

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One pallet holds 50 yards of sod. Each piece is 18 inches wide by 6 feet long (1.5 feet x 6 feet = 9 square feet). One pallet of 50 yards will cover 450 square feet. Square feet is determined by multiplying length by width.

Pallet Of Sod Cover?

Establishing a turf area with sod allows you to create a lawn surface that is almost instantly attractive and quickly able to withstand some amount of traffic. Prior to laying and caring for new sod, you will have to examine the surface area of your yard and order the material. It is helpful to draw a diagram of the entire landscape, divide the area where sod will go into simple geometric shapes like rectangles and triangles, and measure and record the dimensions of each of these subsections. A medium-sized car can typically carry 5 to 10 square yards of sod, a pickup can transport 25 to 50 square yards and a one-ton truck can handle 150 to 200 square yards. Plan the delivery of the sod or when you pick it up so that it is laid the same day. To store sod for more than an few hours prior to installing it, lay it out flat and make sure it does not dry out, watering it as needed. Sod suppliers often charge a pallet deposit and will pick up pallets once you are finished laying the sod, so make sure you stack the pallets in a spot that is easy to access.

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