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The Advantages of Cutting Trees

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While homeowners are often dedicated to mowing and maintaining their lawn, they tend to overlook trees when it comes to lawn maintenance. Trees don't need cutting as often as grass, flowers or shrubs, so annual pruning is usually sufficient. However, if you are hesitant to hire a professional tree service, consider the many advantages that come with cutting your trees regularly yourself. You may find that the benefits are well worth the cost or effort.

Improved Appearance

Cutting the trees on your property can help improve their appearance. Regular pruning can ensure that trees maintain an attractive and appropriate shape and train them to grow in a particular direction or shape. Removing old fruit clusters or faded flowers can also help encourage the growth of new fruit and blooms. Because trees are usually one of the larger elements in your landscape, keeping them neat and trim makes a significant impact on the overall look of your property.

Improved Health

When cutting trees, remove any broken, diseased or dead sections. Doing so prevents fungi or bacteria that might rot other areas of the tree from spreading further. In addition, if a tree becomes overgrown, the branches can become crowded, which may weaken them. Removing excess growth can promote better air circulation and greater sun exposure as well, both of which are necessary for the overall health of your trees.


When a tree has weak or diseased branches, strong winds or storms are more likely to blow them around. If a tree branch should fall across a sidewalk, driveway or road, it could seriously injure passing individuals. In addition, if you allow trees to grow unchecked, they may begin to put pressure on your roof, neighbors’ home or power lines that run to your home. Cutting them back can help reduce the possibility of tree branches falling and causing damage to physical structures during heavy storms.

Increased Structural Integrity

With newly planted trees, conscientious cutting can ensure that they grow in a structurally sound way. It helps the trees to become sturdy and encourages the branches to grow in a balanced, symmetrical way. This type of structure improves the trees’ chances of surviving without problems going forward and helps prevent the need for structural support as they develop.

Improved Visibility

Keeping your trees neat and trim improves visibility for your landscape. Overgrown trees may block views from your home’s windows or deck, which can be frustrating. They can also block other elements in your landscape or architectural details of your home that you might wish to showcase. However, you can still utilize your tree cover to provide privacy around your home if you are careful about the way you cut it.

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