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Specifications for a John Deere 310A Backhoe

By Lolo Parker
Construction workers use backhoes to clear construction sites.
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The John Deere 310A Backhoe picks up, transports and dumps material, such as soil, at construction sites. The arm on this backhoe can turn to the right or left, and the bucket can scoop up debris from ground level.


The John Deere 310A backhoe weighs 12,519 pounds and measures 11 feet 3 inches tall. This backhoe loader measures 23 feet 7 inches long and 6 feet 10 inches wide.

Product Specifications

The John Deere 310A backhoe features a 58 horsepower, four-cylinder John Deere engine and holds up to 19.5 gallons of fuel. This backhoe loader has a collar shift transmission with hydraulic reverser system. The hydraulic system has a 3 cubic inch pump with a minimum flow rate of 23 gallons per minute. The transmission and hydraulic system hold up to 20.5 gallons of fluid. The John Deere 310A Backhoe has 142 flywheel teeth and a naturally aspirated air intake system.


The John Deere 310A Backhoe can rotate 180 degrees in 3 to 5 seconds and can dump the loader bucket in less than 2 seconds. This backhoe loader has eight forward speed settings and eight reverse speed settings. When operated at 1,300 rpm, this heavy-equipment machine has a maximum torque rating of 150 pounds per foot.


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