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Ideas for a Christmas Parade Float for Magic on Main Street

Ray Robert Green/Demand Media

Christmas parades offer float-makers the opportunity to design with lots of sparkle and make the event magical for kids and kids at heart. Magic happens when those things that seem impossible occur and give people joy. With that in mind, design your Christmas parade float for Main Street with characters that represent the season and that come to life to share the Christmas spirit.


Ray Robert Green/Demand Media

Design the float with a large cardboard Christmas tree in the center covered in twinkling lights. Around the tree design a typical living room. Yet, beneath the tree have opened packages of toys and around the living room have people dressed as those toys playing--as though they have come to life. For example, people on the float might dress as dolls, Army men or stuffed animals.


Ray Robert Green/Demand Media

Make your float a mini forest, covered in various sizes of fake Christmas trees, with all of the trees covered in bright lights of various colors. Have people on the float dressed as elves working to decorate the trees with Christmas ornaments and tinsel. Add an extra holiday touch to the float by playing music through speakers on the float and having the elves sing while they work to a song such as, “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas.”


Ray Robert Green/Demand Media

In “It’s a Wonderful Life,” Jimmy Stewart says, “Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings.” Use that line to design you float with silver bells hanging all along the edges of the float, cotton fiberfill covering the floor of the float and one large bell at the back of the float. Have people playing angels on the float, dressed in white costumes. When one angel strikes the large bell, another angel steps forward and he or she receives new angel wings. Have all the angels sing, “Silver Bells” while they wait for their wings.


Ray Robert Green/Demand Media

Make a winter wonderland on the top of your float with icicles hanging off of the sides made from tinsel or icicle lights. Include snow mounds, cardboard figures of people ice skating and cardboard figures of people skiing, dressed in winter clothing. Have a carriage with horses pulling the float. Then in the center of the float have people dressed in snowmen costumes singing Christmas songs, such as, “Winter Wonderland.” If you have several people participating in the parade have those who do not fit on the float walk alongside the float dressed as snowmen and sing.

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