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How to Cut Cabbage Leaves to Make It Grow

By Si Kingston
To help cabbage grow, prune away dead leaves.
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Cabbage is a long-lived food and will keep in the refrigerator for several weeks before spoiling. Before they can be harvested, they must be properly maintained in the soil. To help cabbage grow, remove any leaves or heads that aren't thriving. Cabbage heads are ready to harvest when they are firm and the interior feels dense when the head is squeezed. Soon after the head forms, you must cut the base of the plant from the stem; cabbage that is allowed to get overly ripe will split in two.

Allow the cabbage to blossom. This indicates which heads are blossoming and which aren't.

Remove any heads of cabbage that aren't doing well. This leaves the remaining nutrients in the soil for the thriving plants.

Tear away any cabbage leaves that are limp and have fallen to the ground.

Trim with pruning scissors or tear away any lower leaves of the cabbage that are dead or not healthy.


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  • Pruning scissors

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