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How To Decorate With Cattails

By Janece Bass
A group of cattails can fill a corner in a decorative and charming way.
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Cattails are tall, thin plants that grow in the wild, particularly near water. Gather wild cattails and hang them upside down for a couple weeks to dry out, or purchase pre-dried or silk cattails to decorate your home. Cattails work year-round or to bring nature inside, and look especially attractive during the fall. Cattails work with a country, natural, rustic or quietly elegant decor. The best way to decorate with cattails depends on the rest of your decor, as your cattail arrangement should complement the rest of the room.

Lay a group of dried cattails in a worn, shallow basket. Tie string or raffia around the stems of the cattails to hold them together in a decorative and rustic way. Put the basket on an old-looking stone or brick fireplace, under a sofa table behind your sofa or near your entryway or next to the sofa on the floor.

Place a few dried cattails in a decorative floor vase that complements your decor. Place the vase in an empty corner on your stairway, in your entryway or in any empty corner that's not in the way of any walking path.

Tie a decorative ribbon around a few cattails with the top of the plants spread out. Hang the cattail bunch above a fireplace or over the sofa for a rustic look.

Use other pieces from nature to tie the cattails into your decor, such as other dried grasses or gourds, wheat and dried corn during fall. Alternatively, weave other browns and greens throughout the room to tie the colors together.


Things You Will Need

  • Basket or vase
  • Ribbon, twine or raffia

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