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How Can I Get Rid of Javelinas?

Tom Brakefield/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Javelinas are members of the peccary family and not type of a wild pig. They originate in South America, but you can find them throughout Arizona. With housing developments now in their territory, they have become a nuisance animal. As they eat plants, bulbs, seeds and insects, and scavenge through garbage for food, they can quickly cause property damage. With a few changes to your yard, you can get rid of javelinas.

Avoid feeding javelinas. While you may find them cute, feeding javelinas will result in them becoming regular visitors.

Change the flowers and ornamental plants in your landscape. Avoid petunias, which javelinas like to eat. Plant iris and narcissus bulbs, as these plants are toxic and javelinas will avoid eating them.

Avoid leaving garbage outside. If possible, keep garbage indoors until it is time for garbage collection. If you must keep garbage outside, store it in a well-sealed container.

Remove all fallen fruit from around your fruit trees immediately.

Fence your yard with either a standard fence or an electric fence to keep out javelinas.


Water plants in the early morning. Javelinas are most active at night, and giving the damp soil a chance to dry during the day will help to keep them away.


Javelinas can attack if cornered. Never chase javelinas away as they do not see well and may end up charging you. To scare them off, make loud noises or spray them with water. If one becomes aggressive, contact the local Game and Wildlife Department office.

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