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How to Unwrap Grapevine Wreaths

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Grapevine wreaths are commonly given or purchased around the holiday season and they are often decorated for a specific event or theme. Over time, the decorations may fade or fall off and the wreath will begin to look dated and tired. Don't throw it out. Wreaths can be rejuvenated and reused by simply unwinding them and adding moisture to them. You can reshape your vines into almost any shape and enjoy them for years to come by using a few simple tips to restore them.

Cut any wire off your wreath using wire cutters. Strip off all decorations until you are left with the underlying wreath.

Immerse the wreath in a large tub filled with water. Weigh down the wreath with bricks so it stays submerged. Large, round tin tubs are particularly good for this process. Leave the wreath submerged for a day or two.

Remove the wreath from the water and place it on a towel. Check the vines to make sure you can bend them easily with your fingers. If not, let them soak a bit more. When the stems are pliable, unwind the wreath. Most wreaths are made with the vines wrapping around the other vines in a spiral. Often several vines are used.

Unwind each vine and place the vine along a fence top to dry if you want it straight, or reform it into the shape you want by following the same shape and spiral wrap technique. Allow your wreath to dry completely before attaching new decorations.


Trim off any split areas that are sharp. Use garden shears.

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