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How to Fertilize Lawn With Scotts

By Chasity Goddard
Fertilize every eight to 10 weeks for strong, healthy grass.
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Fertilize your lawn every eight to 10 weeks, up to four times a year, to reduce disease and to improve the overall health of your lawn. The fall application of fertilizer is the most important, so if you only fertilize annually, do it in late fall. Use a fertilizer spreader to achieve the most consistent application and receive the best results. The Scotts Miracle-Gro company offers fertilizers to enhance the green color of the lawn such as Scotts Green Max Lawn Fertilizer, and fertilizers formulated to encourage growth and spreading like Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Fertilizer. Scotts also offers specialty lawn fertilizers with added ingredients for weed control and bug control.

Set the spreader switch to the "off" position and fill the basket in the top of the spreader with Scotts fertilizer.

Move the spread rate settings to the recommended number indicated on the Scotts product packaging.

Position the spreader in a corner of the lawn and turn the spreader on. Walk the perimeter of the lawn and turn the spreader off when you return to your starting position. This procedure creates a header area where you can turn the spreader as you make vertical or horizontal lines through the center of the yard.

Position the spreader slightly overlapping the strip of grass that was fertilized in your first pass. Turn the spreader on and walk in a straight line across the yard. Turn the spreader off when you reach the end of the line in the header area around the perimeter of the yard.

Turn the spreader to return in the opposite direction, slightly overlapping the previous strip. Turn the spreader on and walk in a straight line parallel to the previous pass.

Turn the spreader off each time you complete a strip and return to the header area to reposition the spreader for the next strip.

Refill the spreader as needed and return any unused fertilizer to the bag when the lawn is completed.


Things You Will Need

  • Scotts lawn fertilizer granules
  • Fertilizer spreader


  • Walk at the same steady pace throughout the yard to ensure an even spread of fertilizer.

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