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How to Grow Herbs in Mason Jars

By Eric Love
Growing herbs in Mason jars can be fun and useful.

Although starting the seeds in a Mason jar is not recommended, growing herbs in Mason jars will add beauty and class to any window sill. Mason jars with herbs displayed in bookshelves with proper lighting will ensure that the herbs receive adequate light while adding style to the room, and they offer an excellent conversation piece. Most herbs, which are easy to grow, will flourish in nearly any container when cared for properly. Two essentials include adequate lighting and proper drainage.

Wash the Mason jars and allow to air dry completely. Ensure that the jar has completely dried to prevent the buildup of mold and mildew.

Add self-draining soil to each jar. Some choose to fill the bottom with stones or marbles instead of using self draining-soil, however this method can retain water, leaving the roots resting in water and drowning the plant.

Plant your herb in the jar. Place the jar in a well lit area. The amount of light required will depend on the type of herb planted.


Things You Will Need

  • Mason jars
  • Self-draining soil
  • Herb plants


  • Artificial lighting or natural sunlight is equally effective.
  • When storing herbs in a lit bookcase, consider the addition of a small fan for air circulation.
  • Fresh herbs make the perfect accompaniment to recipes and teas.


  • Do not use a soil that molds like clay when pressed in your hands. It will not provide good drainage, and the roots will develop mold.