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How to Fix a Broken Lawn Mower Handle

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If you break the handle on your walk-behind lawnmower, you cannot push the mower to cut the grass. The handle on your lawnmower is made of thin, hollow tubing and will likely not withstand the heat of welding. Due to the vibration of the lawnmower’s motor, it would likely not withstand cold welding or epoxy resins. The best way to repair a broken handle is to create a splint for it.

Cut a piece of ¼-inch aluminum rod with a hacksaw. Cut the piece between 6 and 10 inches long.

Place four band clamps around the original handle. You need two clamps on each side of the break.

Slide the aluminum rod between the handle and the band clamps, then center the aluminum rod over the break in the handle.

Slide two band clamps so they rest approximately ¼ inch away from each end of the aluminum rod and slide the other two clamps so they rest approximately ¼ inch away from the break in the handle.

Tighten all four band clamps in place with a screwdriver.

Fix The Handle On A Lawnmower

Park your lawnmower on a flat surface and allow it to cool if you were just using it. Place a pair of pliers on the nut on the interior of the handle where it attaches to the deck. Tighten the opposite side of the upper and lower handle junction in the same manner. Replace any missing bolts, screws and nuts with new ones and tighten them. Squeeze equal amounts of two tubes of epoxy onto a paper plate. One tube contains an adhesive and the other contains a hardening agent. Mix the two components thoroughly with a plastic knife.


Although aluminum is softer than nonferrous metal, it is easier to cut with a hacksaw, and does not require paint to keep it from rusting. You can get an aluminum rod at most hardware stores.

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