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What Is Good for Killing Creeping Charlie Weeds & Clover?

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Creeping Charlie and clover are perennial broadleaf weeds. Creeping Charlie (Glechoma hederacea), a member of the mint family, arrived in the United States via the Europeans for use as a ground cover. The plant, with its attractive, bluish-purple, funnel-shaped flowers, quickly became the bane of manicured lawns, due to its invasiveness. Many clovers are native to North America and are as invasive as creeping Charlie. The most common clover found in American lawns is white clover.

Creeping Charlie Weed Killer

Kill creeping Charlie with Borax (sodium tetraborate), a white, crystalline, mineral salt formed in lake beds millions of years ago. During the 1950s and 1960s, Twenty Mule Team Borax was a familiar commercial on American TV sets. It was touted as a laundry booster, and housewives added it to the wash to get stains out of clothing. Although not as familiar to today's homemakers, the product has been used for cleaning and killing weeds since the 1920s. You still can buy Borax at most grocery stores.

How to Use

Mix 10 oz. of Borax with 4 oz. of water. Pour this mixture into 2 1/2 gallons of water. Use a sprayer or pour from a container to spot treat creeping Charlie.

Postemergence Herbicides

Kill creeping Charlie with a postemergence herbicide. Postemergence means the seeds have grown into plants, as opposed to pre-emergence, which means the plant is in seed form. Creeping Charlie grows in early spring to late autumn. Apply the postemergence herbicide at this time. Creeping Charlie is a broadleaf weed, and the herbicide label will indicate whether it is used for killing broadleaf weeds. You can find this product at any home and garden center or plant nursery. Ask for help selecting the right product if you're not sure.

Clover Weed Killer

Kill clover with a postemergence herbicide. Like creeping Charlie, clover is a broadleaf weed. White clover produces white ball-shaped flowers and the leaves are dark green and sometimes display faint, white, crescent-shaped markings. If you treat the creeping Charlie with Borax, you also can try it on the clover.

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