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How to Train a Jasmine on a Trellis

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There are several varieties of jasmine vines, all of which grow quickly by producing long shoots. Gardeners can let the plant grow freely or train it to grow up a wall, stake or trellis. The key to cultivating a jasmine plant that covers an entire trellis is allowing the main vine to grow horizontally so that the side shoots each cover a section of the trellis as they grow vertically.

Hold the main vine horizontally against the bottom edge of the trellis so the vine is parallel with the ground. Secure the vine to the bottom edge of the trellis with twist ties.

Wait for the jasmine to produce lateral shoots, also known as side shoots. The shoots produce the floral cover as they climb the trellis.

Secure the lateral shoots to the trellis vertically using twist ties. Place one twist tie every 6 inches until the vine reaches the top of the trellis, then remove every other tie so there is one every foot. Once it reaches the top of the trellis, you can let it cascade over the other edge or cut the vines back to the top edge of the trellis.

Use pruning shears to cut back any vines outpacing the growth of the rest of the plant, in order to keep the look of the jasmine uniform. Jasmine shoots grow quickly, so you may have to cut back unruly vines more than once a year.

Train A Jasmine On A Trellis

Install the trellis in an area with full sun to light shade exposure. Plant the jasmine bush a few inches away from the bottom of the trellis. Cut long strips of soft, stretchy cloth with scissors. Because the bush varieties of jasmine plants are not self-supporting, they will need to be tied to the trellis. Weave the growing stems in and out of the gaps in the trellis. Encircle a stem with a tie and loosely knot the cloth. Do not pull the knot so tight that it cuts into the stem. The first knot will add a cushion between the stem and trellis. Wrap the vines either to the right or left.

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