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Grass That Stays Green All Year

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Grass that stays green year-round requires mild winters with little freezing weather and warm summers. If your summertime temperatures soar, you’ll need to spend more time maintaining your lawn to keep it evergreen.

St. Augustine Types

Several evergreen grass types come from the St. Augustine varieties. Palmetto makes a light green grass that thrives in a range of climates that experience cold, drought and hot temperatures. Raleigh St. Augustine grass makes a good choice for year-round color due to its tolerance for colder temperatures.

Sedges and Fescue

Native species of sedges work well to keep your lawn green all year long. Sedges such as cedar, sand and Texas varieties work best in full sun to partial shade. Some fescue grasses, including Rana Creek fescue, can grow as evergreen grasses as long as they get extra water during the dry season.


Providing your lawn with extra water during times of drought or when summer temperatures soar helps keep it green all summer long. Most evergreen lawns also benefit from consistent mowing and fertilizing to keep everything lush.

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