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How to Troubleshoot a Pool Rover Jr. Pool Cleaner

By Justin A. Mann
Clean a pool's water with a Pool Rover Jr.

The Pool Rover Jr. pool cleaner automatically cleans aboveground pool surfaces without the need of an external pump or filter system. A Pool Rover Jr. runs off an electrical source and contains a built-in pump and filter for movement and cleaning. Smaller debris and dirt move into the main body of the cleaner and become trapped in a filter bag contained within. Troubleshooting a Pool Rover Jr. helps keep the cleaner working efficiently and prevents many smaller issues from growing into more expensive problems.

Unplug the Pool Rover Jr. power plug from the power outlet. Bring the cleaner up out of the aboveground pool and set the cleaner down on its back on a soft surface.

Push the lock tab on each side of the Rover away from the body to release the bottom lid. Remove the lid and pull the mesh leaf bag off the wire supports inside the body. Empty any debris out of the Rover's bag and place it back onto the wire supports. Set the lid back into place and push the lock tabs in until they click.

Examine the wheel track of the Pool Rover. Remove any debris such as hair or leaves caught in the wheel tracks. Debris inside the wheel tracks restricts the movement of the Rover and reduces its cleaning potential.

Apply force to the two rectangular valve flaps on the bottom of the Rover. Ensure each flap moves easily and is free of any obstructions or debris. The valve flaps allow water to enter the filtration section of the Pool Rover Jr.



  • Clean the leaf bag of the Pool Rover Jr. weekly to give the cleaner room to pick up more debris in the pool.

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