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How to Use Dill Flowers

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Roughly resembling Queen Anne's Lace, the flower of the dill plant is spiny, yellow and, like the leaves and seeds, edible. The flower has a slightly stronger taste than the needle-like leaves. The fresh flowers don't last long once picked, so it's important to preserve them after harvesting if they won't be used right away. Harvest the flowers when they're just starting to open up, leaving a few flowers behind if you want to harvest seeds from them later.

Submerge the cut dill flowers in cold water and agitate gently to remove any dirt.

Spread out paper towels and lay the wet dill flowers on top in a single layer. Lay another sheet of paper towel on top and press lightly to dry.

Cut the flowers from the stem and add to a soup, stew or the bottom of pickle jars. For dips and sauces, chop the flowers before adding them. Dill flowers can be used in place of sprigs of fresh dill weed in recipes; use one to two flowers for each sprig.

Place left over dill flowers into zip-top sandwich bags and put them in the freezer to preserve. When fresh dill is needed, use frozen dill instead.


You can clean and store the dill leaves along with the flowers.

To harvest seeds, wait for the flower to dry up on the plant, or go to seed. Hang the flowers upside-down over paper towels. After a few days, shake the flowers and collect the seeds.

Dill flowers can also be used in wildflower arrangements.

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