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How to Mix Up Killzall Herbicide Concentrate

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Killzall is a nonselective herbicide used to kill unwanted grass and weeds. Safe to use around desirable plants as long as it’s not sprayed directly onto the foliage, Killzall herbicide is also safe for the soil, so you can plant in the areas you sprayed the herbicide without worry of harming future plants. Killzall herbicide concentrate must be mixed with water in the appropriate ratio to work safely and effectively.

Fill an empty aluminum, plastic or stainless steel garden sprayer with 1 gallon of water. Add 3 tbsp. of Killzall herbicide concentrate for general weed control. For tough-to-control weeds and brush, add 5 tbsp.

Put the cap on the garden sprayer and swirl it around to mix up the herbicide and water.

Spray the foliage of the weeds thoroughly with the mixture. It’s not necessary to spray the stems or roots.

Killzall Herbicide Application Instructions

Protect any desirable plants with pieces of cardboard, plastic sheets or other materials if spraying in close proximity. Use the maximum amount for perennial weeds, brush and lawn renovation. For a 32-ounce sprayer, mix 2 2/3 teaspoons to 4 teaspoons of concentrate into 4 cups of water. Spray any undesirable vegetation along walkways, patios, fences, flowerbeds, trees and other areas. Avoid spraying lawns unless you're performing lawn renovation because it will kill the grass. Cut back any brush or vines above 5 feet with a weed trimmer or shears then spray them thoroughly with the herbicide. Shield the shrub or tree with cardboard. Pour enough undiluted concentrate over the stump to cover it and fill the nail holes.


Choose a day with calm wind to spray the herbicide to prevent the spray from drifting and being wasted.

Apply on a sunny day when the temperature is 60 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

For best results, apply the herbicide at first sight of the weeds while they are young and still growing.

One gallon of the mixed Killzall herbicide covers about 300 square feet.

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