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Skat Trak 535 Mini Excavator Specs

By Kelvin Hayes

The Skat Track 535 is a multipurpose mini-excavator designed to dig trenches, flat-grade soil, drill holes and tread lightly on sensitive ground thanks to is rubber tracks. Because of its small stature, the 535 is ideal for landscaping contractors, concrete foundation providers and anyone needing to dig in a tight space.


The Skat Trak 535 weighs in at roughly 6,725 pounds, depending upon whether a larger or smaller bucket is used.


The D1703-E diesel engine is manufactured by Kubota and produces 38 horsepower.

Boom Specs

The boom on the 535 is the one-piece, hydraulically controlled arm that carries a standard 18-inch multipurpose bucket.

Special Specs

As a multipurpose excavator, there may be times where the machine will be taken across asphalt steep slopes or soft soil. To account for these different conditions, the 535 uses rubber tracks and a ROPS (roll over protection system), both of which are designed to protect the operator and the surfaces on which the machine will operate.


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