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Above-Ground Pool Ladder Installation

By Justin A. Mann
Get in the water safely.
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Above-ground pools provide home owners with a version of an in-ground pool that is easier to construct and install. An above-ground pool's top railing generally sits several feet off the ground, requiring a ladder to access the pool. The A-frame ladders installed in above-ground pools sit on the top railing of the pool, and use water or weight bags to stabilize the ladder. They also provide a safe means to enter the pool.

Place the above-ground pool ladder over the pool wall with the ladder's main supports resting on the outside of the pool. Position the bend of the ladder (the top of the A) so it sits on a sturdy, upright section of the pool wall such as a rail.

Lay a sand or water bag over the lower base of the ladder on the outside of the pool. Weighing down the base of the ladder stabilizes the ladder, preventing wobbling or tipping. Some ladders have hollow bases to be filled with water. Unscrew the cap of the base and fill the base with water to weigh the ladder down.

Apply force to the ladder to check for instability. Add additional weight to the base of the ladder until it has very little give.


Things You Will Need

  • Sand or water bag

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