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Advantages & Disadvantages of Greenhouse Farming


Sturdy and warm, they collect sunshine and condensation to create a content environment for living things to thrive. There are many benefits of a greenhouse. There are also some drawbacks when considering installing or building a greenhouse near your home. Understanding the pros and cons of greenhouse farming can ensure that the seedlings and tender leaved plants you covet can flourish where they are planted.

Greenhouse Materials

A greenhouse that is used for more than just starting seeds on their journey needs to be durable to withstand harsh weather in winter and summer. The sides and top are made of either glass or a thick plastic that has been treated, such as polycarbonate, to stand up to heavy rains and drastic changes in temperature throughout the seasons. A backyard greenhouse kit can give you all you need to set up a warm and stable environment to begin growing crops of peppers, tomatoes, onions and lettuces. The kits include hardware and siding and come in many shapes and sizes to fit a variety of budgets.

Benefits of a Greenhouse

If you enjoy gardening and feel the time spent away from the soil in the freezing winter or baking hot summers, then a greenhouse may be a good idea. They can add a pleasing aesthetic to your backyard with their architecture. The greenhouse can extend the growing season in your zone. The structure and materials of the green house trap heat from the sun inside. It heats up the ground while keeping the cool air and frozen ground outside its walls. During warmer months, cooling mechanisms and fans can keep the tender leaves from browning from exposure from the harsh summer sun. They offer the ability to have fresh vegetables, greens and even fruit well past the growing season for that variety. Fresh cut flowers can be had all year long. Insects and vermin that decimate vegetation are kept at bay.

Disadvantages of Greenhouse Farming

There are some disadvantages of the greenhouse effect, but mostly at the wallet’s expense. Greenhouse farming can get expensive. Depending on the material you intend to use, they can be costly in construction. If you choose a more useful greenhouse that is bulky and opaque over a well-designed greenhouse, they can take away from the aesthetic appeal of the overall garden. The water and electric bills will more than likely rise to heat and cool the inhabitants of the greenhouse. They also require constant care with maintaining the temperature, the residents and the structure itself.

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