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What Kinds of Flowers Go With Lilies?

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Liles are a symbol of purity and innocence. In an arrangement, lilies look great by themselves or with smaller, filler flowers and greenery. Oriental lilies and calla lilies are considered form flowers because of their large, uniquely shaped flowers. To create a balanced arrangement, pair lilies with other form flowers, mass flowers, filler flowers and more delicate flowers and greenery.

Pairing Lilies With Form Flowers

Pair lilies with other form flowers as long as the arrangement stays uncrowded. Form flowers are the focal point in an arrangement because they have a distinctive eye-catching look. Lilies, tulips, irises, orchids and hyacinths are form flowers. Bright-colored oriental lilies paired with dark purple irises make an attractive arrangement because the dark color tone of the iris allows the lilies to pop. Fill in around the lilies and irises with filler flowers and greenery. Yellow calla lilies paired with white oriental lilies creates a striking arrangement that would be ideal in the foyer.

Pairing Lilies With Mass Flowers

Liles go nicely with a variety of mass flowers such as roses, daisies, lilac and aster. Mass flowers are large, flat flowers that add weight to an arrangement. Pair oriental lilies with oxeye daisies, and fill in with alstroemeria to create a full arrangement that would be an excellent birthday gift for a loved one. Pairing white calla lilies with red or pink roses makes a stunning and romantic display.

Pairing Lilies With Filler Flowers

Filler flowers are those that take up space or help to blend flower colors. These flowers typically are small and have branching or clustered flowers. Baby’s breath, statice, goldenrod, wax flower and heather are examples of filler flowers. To create a classic arrangement, mix a few oriental or calla lilies with baby’s breath and greenery. Use this arrangement at a wedding as a bouquet or use single lilies to make boutonnieres.

Pairing Lilies With Delicate Flowers and Greenery

Delicate flowers such as alstroemeria, lily of the valley and button mum can be used to help soften the hard edges of lilies. Yellow alstroemeria paired with yellow oriental lilies creates a sunny arrangement that is sure to brighten someone’s day. Greenery is used to balance flowers, help colors pop and take up space. Calla lilies look wonderful by themselves, but they can be paired with palm leaves for a striking and modern arrangement.

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