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How to Replace a Spark Plug in a Paslode Impulse Framing Nailer

By Mark Morris
An allen wrench is the only tool required to replace Paslode spark plugs.
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Paslode has been making cordless nailers for 25 years. Their proprietary system uses a battery to spark combustion in an enclosed firing chamber, fueled by a compressed gas canister. This explosion takes the place of compressed air, as used by traditional nailers, and pushes the plunger forward to drive the fastener. The spark plug, or igniter, is an internal part and requires the rear of the tool be disassembled to access it.

Press the release button to eject the battery from the nailer and remove the battery. Pull down on the fuel canister door and pull the canister from the tool to disarm the nailer, ensuring that it cannot discharge. Discard the fuel canister and place the battery on the charger.

Remove the four screws holding the air filter cover to the back of the nailer with an Allen wrench. Turn them counterclockwise. Remove the cover to reveal the wiring on the rear of the fan. Locate the thick red wire and pull up on the rubber boot at its top end to disengage it from the spark plug.

Twist the spark plug one half turn counterclockwise and pull out to remove it. Insert a new spark plug, turning it clockwise to lock it in place. Reengage the boot on the spark plug wire. Reinstall the vent cover the rear of the tool and install the four mounting screws tightening them with the Allen key.

Insert a fresh gas canister and battery into their compartments. Open the clip and load fasteners into the gun. Press the tip of the fastener port, or barrel firmly against your material, where you want to drive the nail and pull the trigger to drive the nail. If the problem persists, seek professional service.


Things You Will Need

  • Allen wrench
  • Replacement spark plug

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