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Decorative Stone Ideas for Around an Above Ground Pool

Review decorative stone ideas for around an above ground pool to add color, texture and authenticity to your landscaping scheme. Unlike in-ground pools in which the surrounding materials can fall in easily, you have a little more freedom when choosing elements to decorate your outdoor swimming area. You still have to be careful though, especially if you have jets or integral hoses that fill and regulate the water. Read manufacturer's instructions and recommendations before starting.


Landscaping pavers are found in many textures and colors. Create a walkway leading to the ladder or your above ground pool and surround the rest of the pool completely with the pavers as well. Use different colored pavers to encircle the pool to create a colorful design, or stick to one style that matches the rest of your outdoor decor.


Boulders add touches of drama to any landscaping design. Place a few large ones around the pool for guests to sit on. Smaller ones can be used to create interesting rock formations on every side of the pool. Use pavers around them to make them really stand out as focal points in your backyard.

Rock Garden

Rock gardens can be created with any of the decorative stone ideas for around an above ground pool. Frame off an area, and fill it with black river rocks, colorful polished stones and even smaller boulders. Add a few water features, such as outdoor fountains or miniature outdoor waterfalls to cascade down the rocks to tie in the whole design.


Create a decorative beach right in your own backyard using sand. Build a sandbox around the pool, and fill it to the brim. Add sea glass and seashells, along with other beach-themed outdoor decor. For sparkle, mix in some colored sand in hues that complement the rest of your landscaping design.

Stone Structures

Bring in custom-made colored concrete benches and tables for an interesting sitting area around the swimming area. Add stone carvings and statues for extra drama and visual interest. Almost anything can be found, or custom-made, in stone materials. Add a few of these pieces to any of the other decorative stone ideas for around an above ground pool for a flawless finish to a stone landscaping design.

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