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What Is the Difference Between Intex Pools?

By Christina Hadley

Intex is the registered trademark of a pool manufacturer with facilities in Xiamen, China. The corporation says it has customers in more than 100 countries. The indoor and outdoor recreation specialty group produces pool toys, pool accessories, blow-up pools and four types of above ground pools. The differences between its above ground pools are designed to match consumer needs.


The Easy Set Pool is an inflatable unit that the manufacturer claims is easiest to assemble. Setting up one of its other above ground pools, such as the Intex Round Metal Frame Pool, is more involved, although both can be set up without tools.


Intex above-ground pool sizes vary significantly, depending on their construction. Easy Set Pool sizes range from 8 to 19 feet in diameter. The company's metal frame pools range from 10 to 54 feet long.

Water Capacity

The water capacity of above-ground pools differ. For instance, an Intex Easy Set Pools can hold 639 to 5,894 gallons of water.


Some of Intex's pool offerings are designed for wading, and larger designs designs can host lap swimming. The size and material of the Intex pool defines its primary use. Pools without metal frames best suit use by children, for example.


The manufacturer claims that the Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool is the strongest member of its above-ground pool selection. Intex attributes this pool's strength to its unique shape, which appears to curve at the pool's base.


Intex swimming pools sit several feet above the ground. Differences in color also are available. Two above-ground pool products have white exteriors with blue interiors, and its lower-grade products feature blue on the exterior of the pool.


All four Intex above ground swimming pools feature a ladder with steps. The Intex Round Ultra Frame and Metal Frame Pools have four steps and the Easy Set Pool and the Rectangular Ultra Pool have five.


About the Author


Christina Hadley holds a Bachelor of Arts in design. She writes copy for an assortment of industries. Her work also appears in the "Houston Chronicle" small business section. Hadley is a UCLA-certified computer professional. The British Museum recently featured one of her digital images in an exhibit.