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Pool Skimmer Not Sucking to Full Potential

A swimming pool is an enjoyable addition to your home, especially during the hot summer months. A pool skimmer is a cleaning tool that hangs on the side of the pool and catches falling debris before it sinks to the bottom. You also use the pool skimmer as a filter when regularly vacuuming a pool. If the skimmer is not sucking to full potential, it may be cracked or clogged with debris.

Inspect the sides of your pool skimmer for cracks. Repair any cracks by filling them with pool putty. Cracks are caused by freezing weather or shifting pressure in the ground and can impact the performance of the pool skimmer.

Attach a Drain King to the end of a water hose. The Drain King No. 345 is sized to fit swimming pool lines and remove clogs from skimmers.

Insert the Drain King into the filter pump pipe. This will force water back towards the clogged pool skimmer.

Turn on the water hose and allow the Drain King to expand inside the pipe. This causes pressure inside the water line that breaks up clogs and forces debris out of the skimmer.

Repeat the process until the skimmer becomes unblocked. This allows the skimmer to once again perform at full potential.

Put In A Pool Skimmer Plate

Measure the outside perimeter of the pool skimmer. There will be a thick edge on the outside of the skimmer where you can see the basic outline and screw holes for the skimmer plate. Purchase a plate that matches the exact size of the pool skimmer. The gasket and plate are often sold as a set. Line up the skimmer gasket over the opening. It should snap into place. Repeat this for the bottom center screw. Do not over-tighten the screws or the plastic plate could crack from pressure. Refill the pool to the proper level once the installation is complete.


Keep your pool pump and filter maintained regularly to improve pool skimmer performance.

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