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How to Treat Sow Thistle Bumps

By Meg Butler
Sow thistle causes allergic reactions in some.
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Sow thistle plants grow wild all over the United States. Because their seed is numerous, quick to germinate and airborne, thistle plants can spread far and wide. When tackling these weeds in their garden, you may have the unfortunate luck to find out that you are allergic to it. Like poison ivy, sow thistle causes some people to break out in bumps or pustules. Even as little as brushing by the plant can cause an allergic reaction. Although inconvenient, itchy and sometimes sometimes painful, contact dermatitis is relatively easy to treat.

Take a shower as soon as possible after contact with sow thistle. The sooner you wash, the more chance you have of removing the irritants from your skin.

Wash the clothes you were wearing when you came into contact with sow thistle. Some of the plant fibers or sap may still be embedded in the fibers and may expose you again.

Wet a towel with cold water. Place it over the bumps and reapply as necessary to provide discomfort relief.

Apply over-the-counter corticosteroid cream on the bumps according to the manufacturer's instructions. Reapply as necessary.

Contact your physician if the bumps have not gone away within two weeks.


Things You Will Need

  • Towel
  • Soap
  • Corticosteroid cream

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