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How to Clean Pool Salt Chlorine Generators

Pool salt chlorine generators use salt to create chlorine in your pool. The water passes through the generator and the salt in the water turns it into hypochlorous acid, which is what your water turns in to when you add normal pool chlorine to it. Salt chlorine generators, however, do not have a harsh smell of chlorine. The amount of salt in the pool is too low for most people to even notice. Neither the taste nor the clearness of your water will be affected. Cleaning the salt chlorine generators is only needed once a year.

Turn off the pump to your pool.

Open the top of the salt chlorine generator and remove the electrolytic cell from the housing.

Brush off the cell with the plastic brush to remove any build up and hose it off gently.

Add 1/3 cup muriatic acid to 1 gallon of water and soak the cell in the solution for 15 to 20 minutes to remove any calcium build up. Rinse the cell off thoroughly and return it to the salt chlorine generator housing.

Place the lid back on the salt chlorine generator and turn the pump back on.

Change A Chlorine Pool To A Salt Or Mineral Pool

Draining a chlorinated pool isn’t required when converting, since both saltwater and mineral pools still rely on the element chlorine to control microbes. A mineral pool uses a special filter. Then multiply the result by 7.5. Installation requires moderate plumbing and electrical ability. If you choose to install your generator yourself, shut off the electrical breaker for your pool system and remove pressure from the line. A mineral pool filter relies on elements such as silver and copper to control microbes in your pool water, though a mineral system does not entirely eliminate the need for chlorine.

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