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Flowers That Have Different Sizes of Petals

By Lillian Teague ; Updated September 21, 2017
The daffodil features petals of different sizes and shapes.

Many flowers feature petals of different sizes and shapes. Designed especially to attract insects, birds and small animals for pollination purposes, flowers serve the primary purpose of reproduction for the plant. The flower is basically a branch with special types of leaves, explains World of Flowers. The outer green leaves are sepals. The petals are located inside the sepals before the plant blooms, and all together are known as the corolla.


Columbine flowers grow across North America, from Nova Scotia south into Texas and Florida. There are several species of columbine, including Aquilegia caerules and Aquilegia vulgaris. Columbine features not only different sized petals, but petals of different colors. Aquilegia caerules, also known as the Rocky Mountain Columbine-White and Lavender, features five center petals of white surrounded by five larger petals of lavender. According to the Flower Expert, columbine flowers attract butterflies, hawk moths and hummingbirds. The shape of the flower is ideal for long-tongued nectar feeders.


The pansy is a delicate-looking flower that is actually quite hardy. Blooming during late fall into early winter and again in early spring, the pansy is known as the "flower for all seasons," according to Texas A&M Aggie Horticulture. Over 500 species make up the Viola family, nearly all featuring the same uniquely shaped flower. Five petals make up the single-rounded shape of the pansy bloom. Two small petals slightly overlap, meeting a wider bottom petal that features a slight indentation. Two top petals overlap slightly, framing two smaller side petals. A wider, bottom petal meets the side petals in the center, where beards are located. There are many colors and color variations available.


Daffodils include jonquils and narcissi under the genus Narcissus. Featuring trumpet-shaped center petals surrounding with a star-shaped background of larger petals, the daffodil is a one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring. According to the Flower Expert, the Daffodil Data Bank lists over 13,000 known hybrids. Though typically yellow, colors also range from yellow and white to pink and lime green, and the flowers are available in many sizes. There is no difference between a daffodil and a narcissus.


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