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How To Harvest Macadamia Nuts

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The macadamia nut, also known as the Australian nut or the Queensland nut, is popularly grown by people around the world. These nuts are used as an ingredient in many dishes, and are also used as a snack when simply eaten alone. Macadamia nuts grow on trees that can reach a staggering height of 40 feet and are harvested by use of long poles. The nuts are housed in hard shells that must be broken after harvesting to reveal the tender, brown nut inside. Harvesting macadamia nuts can be done with a little time and patience.

Locate branches on the macadamia nut tree that contain ripened nuts. Ripened nuts can be identified by their splitting or cracked open shell. Generally the nuts are ready to be harvested during the month of June.

Use a long pole to knock down ripened nuts that are out of reach. Tap the branch containing the ripened nuts until they fall to the ground.

Gather the nuts in a basket or container and immediately remove the hull that contains the nut.

Place the nuts on an old bed sheet that is spread out in a dry, shaded area that is protected from wind, rain and sunlight. Allow the nuts to dry for 2 to 3 weeks.

Place the dried nuts into an airtight container and store them in a cool dry place until the nuts are needed.


When macadamia nuts become ripe on the tree, they will fall to the ground. Gather the ripe nuts that are lying on the ground as soon as possible to keep them from spoiling.

If the nuts are still wet after the 2- to 3-week drying period, place them in an oven that is heated to 100-115 degrees for 12 hours to allow them to finish drying. Stir the nuts often to keep them from cooking or burning.

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