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My Ryobi CS26 Won't Start

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The Ryobi CS26 is a trimmer used for work outside your home. The trimmer can be used to edge grass as well as remove weeds. The Ryobi CS26 is a gas-powered tool, and will not start if it does not have fuel. Your Ryobi CS26 will start only if you follow the proper protocol.

Starting the Trimmer

Fill the fuel tank with 2-cycle fuel.

Move the clutch dial to the “Start-up" position.

Press the fuel primer two times.

Pull the cord away from the motor until the engine turns over once.

Move the clutch dial to the “Run” position.

Pull the cord extending from the engine again to start the trimmer.


Check your gas tank and make sure your Ryobi CS26 has fuel. If the trimmer does not have fuel, it will not start.

Prime your pump at least twice before starting up a cold trimmer. If your Ryobi CS26 has recently been used, do not use the primer as it may flood your engine.

Check the clutch position before every start-up attempt. If the clutch is set to "Run" when you are attempting a cold start, the engine will not turn over.

Stop attempting to start the trimmer if you notice a fuel leak. Take your trimmer to an authorized Ryobi repair center as fuel leaks can be very dangerous.

Ryobi Cs26 Won't Start

If your Ryobi CS26 trimmer won't start, the first thing to do is verify that you're using the correct starting procedure. If you are, then there are several places to look for possible problems. It's also possible that the trimmer recoil starter needs servicing. Immediately after the engine turns over, set the choke to "run" to prevent the engine from sputtering. The Ryobi CS26 has three filters that can get clogged and prevent starting. One is the air filter, located behind a cover on the side of the engine housing. You access it to brush it clean or replace it by pushing the latch on the cover and pulling the cover off. Suitable replacements include Champion RCJ-6Y, NGK BPMR7A, and Ryobi AC00160 plugs -- or similar -- with a 0.025-inch gap. If you're trying to start the trimmer for the first time in the spring, you may need to drain the fuel tank and carburetor and clean the carburetor ports to get it started.

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